Six-year-old Jasmina Anema, who has been suffering from leukemia, headed to Washington D.C. last week to attend President Obama's pardoning of the White House Turkey and meet Obama himself. However, she fell ill and wasn't responsive, requiring her to be admitted to Children's National Medical Center. Happily, this week, Jasmina was feeling much better and met President Obama on Wednesday.

The Daily News reports, "When Obama asked Jasmina what she wanted for Christmas, she answered immediately. A violin, she told him. Obama noted that though his daughters both play the piano, he didn't have the discipline to learn an instrument as a young boy, Jasmina's mother said. Obama complimented Jasmina for how articulate she is, drawing a wide smile from her. It grew even wider when the President told Jasmina, 'You can write me anytime. I'll get it.'" He also asked her for a hug at the end of their ten minute visit.

Jasmina also received "a couple of gifts - a box of M&Ms emblazoned with his name and the presidential seal and a matching presidential yo-yo." Today, the News publishes a photograph of the visit, and adds that Obama held Jasmina's IV bag.