As if you needed more proof that Bernie Sanders is essentially your grandfather at the Seder table, it's been so long since the Brooklyn native regularly took the subway, he still thinks we use tokens. Bernie Sanders is adorable.

With the New York Democratic primary on the horizon, the presidential candidate sat down with the Daily News editorial board this week to discuss his platform, voting record, and push for a debate with Hillary Clinton. But somewhere in there, someone asked Sanders about the subway, and it appears he has not yet heard of the MetroCard.

"What do you mean, ‘How do you ride the subway these days?'" Sanders said. "You get a token and you get on."

Sanders, who has lived in Vermont since 1968, was apparently unaware that the subway token went extinct in 2003, of which the cause of death, according to a NY Times obituary, was "technology and economics." Now, of course, we use MetroCards—in the future, we will use fancier technology, or exchange subway rides for barter services, who knows.

Sanders did ride the subway a year ago, according to the interview, so he's probably more clued in than, say, the elected official who holds the funds for our city's public transportation system in his grasp. An internet photo suggests Hillary Clinton took the subway in 1993; it is unclear whether GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has ever taken the subway, but we imagine his small fingers would have trouble grasping a token anyway.