Photo via TwitPic

Just in time for your commute, the MTA is reporting that LIRR service is "suspended through Jamaica because of damage to signals from a lightning strike at Jamaica. Service is operating on the Port Washington Branch." Even those who made it onto the last trains noted their dismal condition, one rider Tweeting, "Water dripping from ceiling of #LIRR car in two different spots. Old junker, of course. Rain or maybe toxic waste?"

Check for the latest updates, and until things are running again, avoid Penn Station. One man Tweeted this photo noting it was "packed to the gills," and NYC Subway Scoop now says, "If you use LIRR, do not head to Penn Station. It is closed due to crowd conditions at this time."

The LIRR says they're "cross-honoring fares for the E subway line between Penn Station and Jamaica. Expect significant delays." And "Westbound Port Wash trains are offloading at Woodside, because of overcrowding in Penn. NY Transit is cross-honoring west from Woodside."