Many people get that Spamalot, the megabucks grossing musical on Broadway, is funny and full ofjokes, but not one woman. Model Cara Collins is suing Spamalot - and its ad company - for using a photograph of her in its posters at the Schubert Theater. She says that the photograph was taken after a photo shoot, when she blew a kiss to the photographer, but now the Spamalot poster, with her face photoshopped into a busty maiden's body, next to a killer rabbit and cow, "tends to hold her up to public ridicule and contempt" and causes her "great anxiety of mind, humiliation and mortification." She's seeking "unspecified compensatory and punitive damages." Well, the moral of the lesson is clearly not to blow kisses to photographers. Collins is enrolled in acting school here in the city - perhaps Spamalot will off her a bit in the chorus, so she can get into an acting union or something. This remind us of the lawsuit against photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia for a portait he took of passers-by in Times Square that were later in a book.

The Spamalot website; plus Spamalot-related pictures on Flickr. And PBS will air the Pythons' favorite episodes this year - when, we don't know.

Photograph of the Shubert Theatre from Sue and Dave on Flickr