Photograph by QiLux/Shutterstock

Do you know what law enforcement really loves? Finding loads of cocaine in a suitcase! According to the AP, "Authorities at Guyana's main airport have found roughly 60 pounds of cocaine in a suitcase aboard a New York-bound flight."

The stash was found in a checked suitcase on a Caribbean Airlines flight at Cheddi Jagan Airport. Eight airline and airport employees were detained in the latest drug smuggling incident at the airport: "Twelve airport employees were fired earlier this year after someone threw a bag with 50 pounds (23 kilograms) of cocaine over a perimeter fence."

In May, the airport "blamed aging sniffer dogs at the airport for incidents where drugs made it out of the country." The U.S. says the airport and country is a critical transit point for South American drugs heading to the U.S. and Europe.