After yesterday's pre-dawn raids in Washington Heights and the Bronx to arrest 34 Trinitarios gang members (seven are still at large), the federal and local authorities discussed the operation. One fed told CityRoom the gang originated in prison "to protect them from the Latin Kings and the Bloods." NYPD captain Gerry Farrell of the Bronx gang squad said, "What started out as slashings and stabbings with knives and machetes has escalated to shootings and homicides." Acting U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin said, "Thanks to the work of dedicated federal agents and police officers, the residents of Washington Heights have safer places to live today, and those who would endanger their community with drugs and violence are now called to face justice." But one Washington Heights resident was unconvinced and told the Daily News, "It doesn't make me feel safer at all. There's always going to be some left on the outside. They can't arrest everybody."