If you haven't heard of the Rat-Squirrel House in Cobble Hill, Lost City has a complete history of the 149 Kane Street residence, with a brand new update. The home was built in 1901 but lost its grandeur and is now an eyesore for locals—housing "squirrels, pigeons, (maybe rats) and one old woman who would not leave and would not fix the place up" (despite DOB complaints and vacate orders). On Wednesday, authorities busted down the front door to find a squatter amongst mountains of trash; the old woman, Arlene Karlsen, was allegedly living in another building she owns in the neighborhood. According to a witness, she was "given the choice of being arrested or taken to the hospital. She left in an ambulance." Sad, indeed. The future of the building is uncertain, as it's part of the Cobble Hill landmark district which makes it difficult to tear down even though it may be beyond repair. Hey gutter punks, now that the heat's on you in Williamsburg, maybe it's time to head to Brownstone Brooklyn.