The author whose book release party at Varick Street nightclub Greenhouse was allegedly ruined by a racist door policy may file a lawsuit of her own. The "eco-friendly" club was recently hit with a $1 billion class action lawsuit, accusing the bouncer and owner of denying entry to approximately 100 people because of their ethnicity. Now author Teri Woods has come forward corroborate the allegations, and she says it wasn't just blacks who were kept out of her party.

Woods had planned the August 6th bash to celebrate the release of her new book Alibi, hiring a DJ and ordering bottles of French Ciroc Vodka for the invited guests. But she says her black guests were turned away, while several of the white attendees were allowed in. Woods tells the Daily News that when she arrived, "All of my friends and family were standing outside. I had really serious people out there: lawyers, doctors and people in the entertainment industry. I was embarrassed. I was just walking around in circles and in tears. They took my moment."

Woods also claims she has text messages from owner Barry Mullineaux reading, "Everybody looking at me like this ur people Barry???" and "I couldn't let in 300lb girls." Woods says, "I was clearly violated that night, and so were so many other people... All I know is it had something to do with 'your people' and 'fat.' There was nobody out there who was fat, and even if there was a fat person, who cares?" Mullineaux denies the charges, but if overweight people were turned way, it's probably just because they have a bigger carbon footprint.