Author Fran Lebowitz is hardly the first to shake her fist at the ongoing suburbanization of NYC, but her critique is unique in that it lays some of the blame at the well-tended feet of our town's more avaricious princesses. "Young girls are always showing me their diamond engagement rings. " Lebowitz tells Bust Magazine [paywall]. " 'Look, Fran!' It’s so old-fashioned. I think that I am too old to feel that people who are kids remind me of my parents. Someone my age is supposed to be angered by kids. You’re supposed to say, 'These crazy kids—what will they think of next?' You’re not supposed to say, 'These kids are so boring. These kids are so regressive.' It’s like the 1950s. The 1950s weren’t just about great suits. That time was really suffocating." But Mad Men tells us life was so glamorous then! [Via The Observer]