The Australian sheep farmer who was accused of drugging and raping a LI speech therapist was found not guilty of all charges related to the alleged rape yesterday. David Green was acquitted of raping Elizabeth Roarke in 2005 at the Affinia Hotel, though he was convicted of reckless endangerment for drunkenly tossing bottles off a 26th-floor balcony of the midtown hotel. Green, who said he was "over the moon," now plans on suing Roarke for making false claims: "The time has stopped for women to make false claims of rape and then walk away without any deterrent," Green's lawyer Ronald Fischetti told the Post.

Roarke had claimed that Green picked her up after a night of drinking, and must have drugged her; she woke up in a daze in the middle of the night, and "There was a man on top of me, having sex with me, in and out of me.’’ But her urine tested negative for drugs just five hours after she'd claimed to have drank a tampered-with beer. Moreover, her credibility was undermined by the fact she admitted to having six or seven drinks that night, and had begun therapy in the months before the incident due to her use of alcohol, ecstasy, pot and cocaine. Or as the Post puts it in their headline, she was a "drunken, mentally-ill woman." Green, the nephew of Sirius satellite radio executive James Meyer, faces up to seven years for tossing the beer bottles, which was caught on video by his friends, but his lawyers hopes he gets time served.