While some of you have been enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, thousands of people spent their early morning starting the Nautica NYC Triathlon—a 1500 meter swim in the Hudson River followed by a 40KM bike race (in Manhattan and the Bronx), ending with a 10KM run in Central Park. Though the race was delayed by rain, there are already winners: Greg Bennett of Australia won the men's competition, with a time of 1:45:50 (swim: 12:34; bike: 58:37; run: 31:12), while Rebeccah Wassner of New York won the women's, with a time of 1:58:25 (swim: 13:40; bike: 1:06:01; run: 34:36). And in the ParaTriathlon competition, Aaron Scheidies won with a time of 2:02:15. Last year's competitors faced obstacles like jellyfish and the heat and humidity; the NYC Tri website says, "This year, the rain certainly slowed athletes’ final times, while the humidity made the race seem to last too long for some," but the participants were undeterred. One said, "Running through one of the best landmarks in the world… it was a privilege."