We can't help but be fascinated by what people think of New York City when they visit—for all the guidebooks and stupid TV shows about this town there are many things that will still prompt genuine shock. But are people actually expecting our subway system to be clean? Redditor and Australian psylent had plenty of praise for the city after his recent visit, but concluded, "Your streets are dirty and your subway is absolutely filthy. Why is the subway so disgusting?" Wait, so the Australian "Five Boroughs" festival has clean subways?

Psylent also remarked on the "CRAZY-ASS MOTHERFUCKERS ON THE SUBWAY! I'd heard about this for years and thought it was exaggeration." To be fair, WE still marvel at shoe-lickers and the like, but most of the time they're dismissed as Australians.

So yes, we are well aware the subway stations are gross. It's just The Way It Is. And how else are we going to cultivate world-class subway rats? We're looking forward to our trip to Australian, where we will surely discover that babies are eaten by dingos every 15 minutes.