Did anybody else see the lightning this morning? More than half an inch of rain fell on Central Park as a tiny storm cell moved over the city. A quarter-inch was measured at LaGuardia but not a drop at JFK. More rain in the form of showers or thunderstorms is likely later today as a weak cold front pushes through this swampy air. Today's high will be in the low 80s.

More rain is possible tomorrow and Friday, but the odds are any afternoon showers will be weak. The bigger story is heat and humidity. Thursday's high is expected to reach the mid 80s and Friday's the lower 90s, both with lots of humid air.

More of the same is expected Saturday. It shouldn't be as warm as Friday but it does look to be oppressively humid. Rain's not likely though as there's no sign of a disturbance to get the air churning. Another muggy day is expected on Sunday before cooler, drier weather arrives at the beginning of next week.