People love, or at least loved, Pokemon Go's enhanced version of reality, where your boring sidewalk became a place where you could snag a Jigglypuff. What if instead of a fake Pokemon though, you could use augmented reality to snag some real life cash? I guess we'll see if that possibility creates similar waves of zombified hordes, since a phone-based augmented reality hidden cash hunt is coming to New York City on Halloween night. I, for one, can't wait to see a stampeding group of Ken Bones with their phones out running just ahead of a group of Sexy Harambes.

A Facebook event advertising something called Hidden Money Halloween debuted yesterday, with the promise that "some will win thousands" and that the more people who play the game the more money will be given away. The group behind the cash hunt has said they aren't associated with Jason Buzi's previous hidden money stunts, but hasn't said who they are otherwise. The evidence points to a San Diego company named GoMeta that developed an app called Metaverse being behind the hunt, since the logo on the Facebook invite matches the logo for the company on the iTunes store. GoMeta has hosted similar giveaways in other cities on the west cost, but this will be their New York City debut.

The company was profiled in the San Diego Union-Tribune earlier this month. The app was designed by programmers Sean Thielen and Jonathan Miller, who now live in the garage of chief investor and GoMeta CEO Dmitry Shapiro, a former Google employee. In the profile, there's a mysterious mention of a "grander vision" for the company and the app beyond just being a scavenger hunt app. As with most apps, it probably has to do with harvesting all of your data and contacts to sell advertising. But hey, at least there's a potential cash reward for this one.