In this case, double-dipping doesn't refer to a George Costanza-like social faux pas—it's the more serious instance of a retired city worker who collects his/her pension PLUS pay from a new public job! The Daily News reports, "New city audits have found 39 city retirees double-dipping with new public jobs - and pulling in some $600,000 in improper pension payments," such as "a retired assistant district attorney collecting a $69,660 pension on top of a $99,100 consulting contract for the state courts... a retired police captain who earned $51,246 as a city teacher on top of a $55,622 pension and a retired teacher with a $55,882 pension who also worked an FDNY office job for $76,490." Nice work if you can get it! The News further explains that retired city employees cannot receive pension payments if they take "another city or state job, though some are allowed to do so if they obtain waivers." City Comptroller William Thompson said, "Immediate action ... is needed to investigate and recoup, if appropriate, any improper payments made to these retirees identified as possible 'double-dippers.'"