To man cave or not to man cave —that's the question Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will face. His office is investigating the use of a workspace off the State Capitol's parking garage as a lounge/drug den, complete with board games, rolling papers and drug scales—allegedly created by two state employees. Cuomo is reportedly showing evidence to a grand jury.

State janitorial worker Gary Pivoda and his supervisor Louis Marciano, both employees of the Office of Government Services, were suspended without pay. It also turned out that Pivoda would make pot deliveries to clients, including co-workers, while driving his OGS van. Marciano's lawyer previously characterized the man cave as "a break room — just like every other break room in America."

Though city charges of marijuana possession and criminal use of drug paraphernalia were dropped against Pivoda yesterday, the Times-Union reports, "Cuomo spokesman John Milgrim said prosecutors still plan to examine felony charges in the case and that the city court case, which was initiated by the State Police, was considered moot once the attorney general took over and began to explore potentially more serious crimes." Pivoda's lawyer said, "I'd like to see what proof they have."