Safe at Home with Mr. Met, by nycmikewp at flickr

A baseball fan was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment after making a regrettable scene at last Saturday's game against the Dodgers at Shea Stadium. 32-year-old Christian Hansen was reportedly inebriated and pushing children out of the way to get some face time with Mr. Met, the team's mascot whose costume head is an enormous smiling baseball.

Hansen allegedly began grabbing Mr. Met's giant noggin in a manner that is described in the Post as manhandling. Fans are discouraged from grabbing Mr. Met's head and knocking it about like it's a piñata. There is an actual person inside there.

Hansen, of Gowanus, Brooklyn, is also accused of taking a swing at and spitting in the face of a Shea security guard who tried to remove him from the stands after he refused to leave. A woman who identified herself to the New York Post as Hansen's girlfriend denied any contact between Christian and Mr. Met. The accused mascot abuser is due back in court next month. One can only hope that Mr. Met eventually takes the stand to testify as himself.