fugitives.jpgIn the odd case where you murder someone in a small town and need to escape quickly to the anonymity of a large city, you hop a bus to NYC, right? Wrong. Two Ohioans were arrested late last night and this morning in connection with a shooting death in their homestate. A third person is still being searched for. 22-year-old Megan Arensburg and and 17-year old Ashley Baker were arrested and accused for shooting a man in the forehead this Monday back in Ohio.

Cops actually found the younger woman hiding out on the roof of a Brooklyn building Friday afternoon. They picked up Arensburg at a different location early this morning.

According to the Advocate, Baker and Arensberg are suspected of entering a house at 443 Mount Vernon Road in Newark, Ohio, and Arensberg is accused of shooting Reymond L. Dickerson, 28, in the head, killing him, at about 2:45 p.m. Monday.

The NYPD is not averse to stretching its jurisdiction and receiving other investigators into it: The U.N. invited the NYPD to provide security abroad last month. And NoLita has a square named after an NYPD detective, Giuseppe Petrosino. The first Italian-American detective in the NYPD, Petrosino travelled to Palermo in Sicily, Italy to investigate the mob. He is the only NYPD member killed in the line of duty outside of the U.S.