A violent attempted robbery in a South Slope Subway sandwich shop last night ended with a chase and two arrests.

According to police, at around 7:30 p.m. three men began harassing a 21-year-old man who was eating in the Subway at 731 4th Avenue, slapping and punching him in the face; one of the assailants "motioned towards a gun secreted in his clothing." The men attempted to steal the customer's backpack, but were rebuffed, and left the restaurant.

The men returned a minute later to find their victim calling 911. "The suspects demanded to know who he was calling and began to punch him about the head before they fled the sandwich shop in separate directions," an NYPD release states.

Plainclothes officers responded to the call and stopped one of the assailants on 5th Avenue. Another ditched his bike and ran down 19th Street when he saw the police pursuing him, and threw a gun onto the roof of Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Church before he was tackled.

A loaded .22 Beretta was later found on the roof.

Luis Reynoso, 19, is charged with robbery, resisting arresting, third degree assault, and criminal possession of a loaded weapon. Joshua Membrano, 23, faces the same charges, in addition to criminal possession of a controlled substance and marijuana possession. Both men reside in Borough Park.

Police are still looking for the third suspect.

While we're recounting good deeds performed by the police, a Staten Island man who was overdosing on heroin was saved by two NYPD officers last week, who administered doses of Naloxone spray into his nostrils. An NYPD release notes that it was the second overdose victim saved by the two officers.