Remember Kisha Jones? She's the Brooklyn mom accused of trying to kill her husband's out-of-wedlock baby by tricking the mother into taking an abortion-inducing medicine, posing as a hospital administrator in an unsuccessful effort to have the infant taken off its respirator, and attempting to poison the infant with tainted breast milk. Well, there are two sides to every story!

Jones, currently on trial, is accusing her husband's mistress, Monique Hunter, of trying to run her down with a car before the abortion plot was hatched. The incident was reported at the time to the 75th Precinct, but no arrests were made. Hunter also called Jones and taunted her about having an affair with her husband for six years, a call which Jones secretly recorded, according to her lawyer.

While the prior incidents are not legal defenses as such, Jones' lawyer hopes the new information may help sway any deals slightly in her favor. In response to the allegations, Hunter said, "That's not true, she's making that up."