The two former Blood gang members on trial for murder, Kayson Pearson and Troy Hendrix, received a mistrial after attacking an attorney with a shiv and trying to make a play for a court officer's gun last week. Pearson and Hendrix stand accused of brutally torturing and raping a 21 year old college student, Ramona Moore, before killing her - only for the body to be found weeks later. Of course, this makes everyone totally upset - Gothamist included - because it just means more taxpayer money The Daily News says two defense attorneys asked to be dismissed and the judge set the new trial date in two weeks. The court officers and Corrections Department are swapping blame about the Pearson's and Hendrix's ability to sneak weapons into the courtroom - are strip searches really enough when suspects are hiding weapons in their rectums? And perhaps during the next trial, the suspects need to remain shackled during the trial. Or is this their ploy for an insanity defense? Either way, it's gross.