Never forget to incite a widespread social media shitstorm by using 9/11 as a prop to crassly promote your brand. Today's most high-profile offender is AT&T, which made a tweet today reminding followers to "never forget," alongside one of their precious gadgets photographing the Tribute In Light. Everybody immediately excoriated the corporation, and the tweet was promptly disappeared. This apology followed:

So if for some reason you thought that wasn't a totally cool tweet and got your panties in a bunch over it, then AT&T is real sorry, okay? No, turns out it's not okay. Twitter would not be so easily placated. Here are some of most scathing retorts to AT&T's classic measured apology:

To be sure, AT&T wasn't the only corporation wrapping itself in 9/11 to raise brand awareness. Comedian Joe Mandel has been avidly curating all the tasteless corporate 9/11 tweets. And then there's this: