2006_01_fishers.jpgATM skimming or phishing - where people try to get your bank accounts and PIN numbers by adding secret readers to ATMS - is nothing new. But it seems like some robbers have taken it to a new level - some robbers have created fake keypads in addition to the bank card slots! Did you see the local news segments about this? They look really real! The robbers have taken $100,000 from 50 Washington Mutual accounts. Police found the devices at a branch on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Hyland and the other right at a Canal Street location. The NYPD also released pictures of the suspects, with tips:

- Use a regular ATM so you know if something is out of the ordinary. If something is different, do not use it and ask the bank about the changes.
- Look out for any cameras that seem to focus on the card and not the faces of the user and simply beware of anything that looks unusual, such as odd looking equipment or wires attached to a device.

Well, wires would be a tip-off. The police also say you should check your ATM, and be suspicious if the Braille is suddenly gone from the keypad. Crazy.