2007_03_ayreturns.jpgThe Atlantic Yards Report's Norman Oder weighs in on the financial documents on the Atlantic Yards project. Developer Forest City Ratner only released three pages after Freedom of Information Act requests.

Oder sent the docs to an affordable housing expert, David A. Smith, who was unimpressed and said, "They make one hungry for more detail, without which it is impossible to have a properly informed opinion." Oder also notes there are "unexplained gaps" in the documents, like "there’s no cost and value assigned to the retail space developed."

One of our commenters wrote:

"A 10 year projection for a $4B capital project? Sure would be nice to see the 20, 30 and 40 year projections - the IRR probably goes through the roof beyond year 10.

It's impossible to tell looking at the cash flows for the first 10 years how profitable this project will be. What would be meaningful is seeing the rate of return once the construction outlays are complete."

Stall tactics galore! Other critics of the project want more financial documents to be released; Assemblyman James Brennan filed a lawsuit "seeking full disclosure." All this as the community starts to feel the effects of construction without any answers when, say, the water is shut off.