The concrete-and-granite bollards designed to ward off terrorist attacks at the newly-opened Atlantic Terminal Pavilion have been panned for being excessive — but who would have thought they exceeded even the NYPD's anti-terrorism guidelines? StreetsBlog reports that the barriers are both bigger and closer together than the security measures suggested in the NYPD's report "Engineering Security: Protective Design For High Risk Buildings."

Outside so-called "High Tier" terrorist threats like Atlantic Terminal, the NYPD recommends bollards, and suggests "four feet of clear spacing" between the structures, which should measure "between 30 and 36 inches in height." However the bollards in front of the terminal are barely three feet apart, and they are taller than the recommended maximum height by more than a foot. The terminal's architect has said the original plan called for "a group of low benches," which were made bulkier after construction began because "[s]ecurity concerns kept increasing."