Atlantic City's swankiest hotel had hoped to find a buyer last week after declaring bankruptcy for a second time in June. But no suitors could be found, and now Revel will close by September 10th.

A source familiar with the situation tells Gothamist that the "top price" being discussed by investors was $250 million.

"There are property taxes, and they're hooked into this power station with the local gas company, and those two bills are $6 million a month," the source said. "So there's $72 million a year before you turn a card. That's the kind of nut you're gonna have to have somebody come in and wrestle with and still be able to have a profitable operation."

"Despite the effort to improve the financial performance of Revel, it has not proven to be enough to put the property on a stable financial footing," the casino said in a statement to the Press of Atlantic City. While we continue to hope for a sale of Revel, in some form, through the pending bankruptcy process, Revel cannot avoid an orderly wind down of the business at this time."

Revel, which employs 3,100 people, was built for $2.4 billion two years ago. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that while there were bids on the casino, "Revel's investment bankers were unable to establish an adequate "platform bid"—or starting bid—that could serve as leverage to get higher offers during the auction."

There's still time to head down to New Jersey and crack that nut for one last score: Revel says it will honor all reservations and deposits until the 10th.