2006_11_tattoo.jpgPolice in NJ have released images of tattoos from one of four murdered women in hopes that someone can identify her. Last week, the women's bodies were found in a ditch behind a motel in Atlantic City, and investigators believe they were killed at different times in the past month and a half. All women had blond or dyed-blond hair and were positioned similarly; two of the women were prostitutes.

Police swarmed the boardwalk, looking for the killer as well as help from people to ID the victims. Some prostitutes were upset that the police were ruining business while other casino employees and patrons are relieved that the killer seems to be targeting prostitutes.

The Guardian Angels' Curtis Sliwa is offering his help in the investigation. One woman tells the Post that she may have spent the night with the killer, as one john "was talking crazy s--- to me. He said he killed some people. He said he was wanted in three states. He was real weird."