Since the world learned of Steve Jobs' death yesterday at the age of 56, mourners have flocked to Apple stores worldwide to memorialize the innovator's life. While some have questioned whether the outpouring of grief over Jobs death has been over-the-top, New Yorkers have made no secret of their affection for Jobs and his Apple products, creating unavoidable makeshift homages filled with flowers, candles, and fruit at Apple stores around the city.

At the Apple store in SoHo, there were over a dozen bouquets of flowers, candles, handmade signs, apples (of course), and a lone Snickers candy bar (although that could have been accidentally left there by a mourner trying to eat his pain away). The signs revealed a personal level of admiration and loss: "I remember life before Apple! Very boring! Thank you for everything Steve!," "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish," and many that simply said, "Thank you Steve!"

One New York woman, there to take a photo of the memorial, said that when she heard of Steve Jobs death she felt immense sadness. "He was a genius." Joan Stark commented. "He touched the lives of people of every age, every background." Another woman who put up a sign that said, "My Mac is my lover," said, "I don't think I need anything else...I do nothing without it...I can't imagine my life without it."

There are inspiring tributes at Apple stores worldwide, as many reflect on the impact and contributions of his genius. After all—he was the last American who knew what the fuck he was doing.