While the sun may be shining today the cold and wind are still with us. Clear skies should be around through at least tomorrow as the leading edge of an arctic air mass edges eastward. The dry air means it is going to be cold tonight. Look for a low in the lower 20s in the city. Cold air continues to pour into the city tomorrow. Thursday's high might not reach the freezing mark, something has has not happened since the last day of January.

Fear not cold weather haters, there will be a warm up once the center of high pressure moves east of town. Friday's high might reach the upper 30s! Saturday the mid 40s! Sunday will be close to 50! To get that level of warmth we'll have to trade the clear skies for rain on Sunday.

Fear not cold weather lovers, after that brief warm spell it looks like we'll be plunging back into the freezer. A cold front will pass through the city on Sunday night and the air mass behind it is looking nasty cold. There's some disagreement in the forecasts but Tuesday's high might only reach the mid 20s. These things happen in December.