Late last night, a shooter (or possibly shooters) opened fire and shot at least seven people in Harlem. The gunfire started at Marcus Garvey Park at West 124th Street and then headed north to West 131st Street.

There are different theories for the violence, like someone wanted revenge for being jumped in Sugar Hill or a fight over girls. One woman in the park told the Post, "All of a sudden, we saw these dudes fighting, and then there was shots, and we ran." And a 16-year-old boy who ducked for cover on the street said, "Hell, yeah, I was running. That was some scary s---!"

According to the NY Times, "the first shooting was reported to authorities at 10:14 p.m., with another at 10:17, two more at 10:19, and two more still at 10:24." Many of the victims appeared to be under 18 years old; WABC 7's partial list of victims includes a 13-year-old boy shot at Lenox and 126th and a 15-year-old girl grazed in the forehead. One man who was critically wounded in the chest was found in front of the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office building

The police have not made any arrests yet. A police source told the Daily News, "We're looking at the possibility of more than one shooter," a police source said. "There were too many people shot in too many locations."