The Post gets confirmation that the city is no longer looking for new sites for Astroland, the Coney Island amusement park. The Coney Island Development Corporation's president Lynn Kelly said, "We just couldn't find the right fit" in time.

Astroland's last day in business for the 2007 was Sunday. Now, Astroland will only open next year if Astroland owner Carol Albert and Thor Equities, the company that bought Astroland last year (for an unspecified amount), can figure out a way to agree on a lease. Right now, Thor wants $3 million in rent, which is 17 times the current rent of $170,000, an amount Albert is more comfortable in paying.

Earlier this week, Coney Island blog Kinetic Carnival reported that Albert had given "Thor Equities two weeks to make an offer to give Astroland a lease for 2008 or she will be putting the Astroland rides up for sale for good." Which makes it seem likely we'll find out what happens in the next week.

Photograph of the scene at Astroland on Sunday by Akinloch on Flickr; Akinloch also has a set of photographs from the day