As Coney Island continues to be reshaped under the mighty hammer of Thor, a familiar relic from its old theme park arrived in our nation's capital yesterday. The Astroland Star made its way down to Washington DC in preparation for the display it will have at The Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum inside the Udvar-Hazy Center come 2011. DCist got an early look yesterday at Curator Margaret Weitekamp and Exhibit Designer Rebekah Brokway measuring it right out of the box.

Weitekamp recently detailed the process of bringing the star to the Smithsonian, after originally being offered Astroland's rocket by owner Carol Albert. The curator wrote:

This “small” piece, an 8-foot by 7-and-a-half-foot lighted star, illustrates the space theme. And, at the same time, the star presents a sample of Astroland’s bright lights and excitement. The thousands of people who had passed under the sign to take part in the park’s rides and games would recognize it.

As for the rocket, it proved too big for the Smithsonian, who also may have feared it getting into Ameilia Earhart's clutches. So for now, the city is holding onto it in Staten Island in preparation for its return to Coney Island for whatever amusement park the future holds in store for the legendary leisure location.