The trial for Jason Bohn, the Queens lawyer accused of murdering his girlfriend in their Astoria apartment last summer, is nearing its start date, and prosecutors say they have a key piece of evidence: an accidental voicemail with a recording of the killing.

Bohn, 34, allegedly brutally beat 27-year-old girlfriend Danielle Thomas on June 27th of last year, leaving her to die in a bathtub filled with ice. Bohn, a Columbia graduate, claimed the killing was an accident after he turned himself in last summer, but prosecutors say that a pocket dial voicemail left on a friend's phone reveals Bohn allegedly strangling Thomas and telling her, "You have five seconds and then...I'm going to kill you."

Thomas, a financial analyst at Weight Watchers, had sought help from police after being beaten by Bohn before; according to a transcript of the pocket dial obtained by CBS and the Post, Bohn became angry with Thomas over a number she dialed on her phone. "Why did you call 508? Why did you call that number?" Bohn asks, as Thomas repeatedly tells him she doesn't know, and sobs, "Jason, I love you." Bohn replies, "You have five seconds and then...and then I'm going to kill you," and then, allegedly strangling her, says, "Danielle you are so stupid. You think I'm going to stop, I won't stop."

Bohn is due back in court on July 29th; his lawyers say a history of childhood abuse unhinged him and caused him to experience extreme emotional distress.