The rising rents in the Astor Place area have caused the owners of Astor Place Haircuts to reduce the size of their famously cheap salon. Astor Place Haircuts will now just be located in the basement, the ground level's 1,000 square foot space will be a Cold Stone Creamery. The Vezza family who has owned Astor Place Hair since 1940 as well as two other salons will still have 9,000 square feet in the basement, with Enrico Vezza Jr. saying, "We lose the eye level of the people passing by, but as a businessman I think it pays for us to be down here." Newsday reports that ground level storefronts in the Astor Place area go for $100,000 a year (!!); Newsday also adds that Vezza declined to name his landlord, noting that Vezza wanted to keep their relationship amicable.

Astor Place Haircuts charge $12 for a man's haircut, up from 25 cents when it opened. The WB fans will remember it as the place where Felicity got her hair cut very short (some say that show jumped the shark at that moment). Gothamist has been fond of the Astor Place area ever since we worked on Wanamaker Place, aka 9th Street. There are four Starbucks within three blocks, ensuring NYU and Cooper Union students are sufficiently hopped up, plus the Mud Truck, as well as the wonderful Japanese bakery, Panya, sake bar, Decibel, and the 24 hour Crunch where we'd shower if our bosses let us out for a break. Ah, those were the days.