The jurors in the trial about the late Brooke Astor's estate continue to offer glimpses of what the six-month (!!!) marathon was like. They found Astor's 85-year-old son Anthony Marshall guilty of grand larceny—and the decision was not taken lightly. The jury forewoman Kristina Jezycki told the Daily News, "It's difficult to have a World War II veteran in this position. I have always respected my elders, so I find it very difficult to handle."

Jezycki also spoke to City Room and said that the jurors were "open-minded" about the wealth of the defendant and said of the juror who felt threatened, "Frustrations ran high throughout the entire time, up and down. It’s no surprise. And almost immediately everything was back to normal.” She didn't think the celebrity testimony from prosecution witnesses like Henry Kissinger was necessary, nor was the prosecution's "Name calling [of Marshall and his wife]... I just found it almost childish." While Jezycki is "honored to be part of the trial and to learn about Brooke Astor," she did add that her catering business took a big hit since she wasn't around for six months.

And juror Philip Bump wrote about his experience for The Daily Beast: "Anthony Marshall, in nearly the last of a series of mistakes and misdeeds that drained money from his mother’s bank accounts and estate, stole over $1 million by giving himself a raise that was utterly without merit or justification. It took me six months and one week to realize that. It also took 11 other people. On Thursday afternoon, we rendered our verdict."

Marshall, who faces anywhere from one year to 25 years in prison, will be sentenced in December; his lawyers plan to appeal.