A former Queens public school teacher who was fired for excessive absences is suing former chancellor Joel Klein and the assistant principal at PS 253 in Far Rockaway, whom she says threatened her after she broke off their six-month affair. The Post reports that Assistant Principal Fred Iorio, 50, posted an outraged rant on Facebook after Karien Pichardo, 32, dropped him like AP science. The lawsuit claims that Iorio wrote on Facebook, "I put myself out there and got creamed emotionally and financially for it. Most of the clothes, shoes, house wares, mascara and perfumes she has I purchased for her." He wanted $1,100 to refund his gifts, and when he didn't get it, he allegedly kicked it up a notch with a touch of Fatal Attraction.

Pichardo says the harassment made her sick with a diagnosed stress disorder, and that's why she was absent so much. According to the lawsuit, she found photos of Iorio, his relatives and his dog mysteriously stuffed into her tote bag and desk. And Iorio allegedly sent her an e-mail with this little FYI: "REMEMBER, SOME PEOPLE ARE ALIVE SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL TO SHOOT THEM." And that's one to grow on!