An assistant principal at P.S. 196 in East Williamsburg was arrested yesterday for slashing her live-in boyfriend with a pair of scissors. Danielle Capuano's boyfriend Alejandro Ruiz was also arrested in the domestic violence incident in East Elmhurst, Queens. Capuano was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Ruiz was charged with assault for hitting Capuano in the head.

Neighbors of the couple described their seven-year relationship as troubled, with frequent screaming matches occurring in their first floor apartment on 72nd St. in Elmhurst. Capuano's lawyer Tommy Alejandro said that his client finally decided to kick Ruiz out their home, which is when the argument elevated to a physical confrontation. "Her only crime is having fallen in love with the idiot." A neighbor heard Capuano screaming "Stop! Stop!" early Saturday morning.

The New York Post
reports today that felony assaults was the only category of crime that increased over the last year, due to more nightclub brawls, attacks on police, and incidents of domestic violence. Murder, on the other hand, is at the lowest levels the city's experienced since the 1960s.