Well, that didn't take long. Two days after Frank Gehry's new designs for the Atlantic Yards were released comes word from the Daily News that even some of Ratner's supporters, like Assemblyman Roger Green, are now pushing for further reductions to Brooklyn's instant skyline.

The bill that the assemblymen are pushing would reduce the square footage of Ratnerville down to nearly 6 million square feet, from nearly 9 million. "In exchange, the bill would slash the amount Ratner has to pay to the MTA to buy and prepare the site to $140 million, down from $450 million." It would also allow for the state to "pick up the tab for subsidizing the roughly 2,000 affordable apartments proposed for the site.

The Atlantic Yards Report has much more on the bill including the fact that it would still not put any height limitations on the buildings. What are your thoughts on this new development, will Ratner compromise again or should everyone just buck up and move on?