2005_07_dovhikind.jpgBrooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind made some controversial remarks over the weekend, saying the subway bag checks were ineffective and that the NYPD should use racial profiling to look for suspected terrorists. Now, Gothamist agrees with the former point, but terrorists can come in all shapes and sizes - the people of Oklahoma City would probably like to remind him of that. Sure, no one wants to have to search the "75-year-old grandmother, with sloping shoulders, who has an oversized tote bag firmly tucked under her arm," but the truth is, she'd be happy to show the NYPD what's in her tote bag. John Jay College Professor Charles Strozier (he specializes in contemporary terrorism) told NY1, "The Arab-American community in the United States and Muslim community in general is highly assimilated, very American, not radical. There's no reason to believe that it is from this community that you're going to find anyone who is likely to be a bomber."

The bag checks, so far, have been seemingly inconsequential, but hey, New Yorkers love to have something to sound off about.