030608powell.jpgState Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell 4th, Democrat and son of the trailblazing Harlem politician Adam Clayton Powell Jr., was arrested for drunk driving on the upper West Side at 2:30 a.m. this morning. According to the Daily News, an unidentified woman passed out in the back of the car was so intoxicated she had to be taken to a local hospital. Powell failed a breath test at the scene by a small margin and, while at the station house, refused to take a chemical sobriety test. He faces charges punishable by up to a year in jail.

It’s the latest bit of trouble for the 45-year-old bad boy assemblyman, who in May 2004 was accused of liquoring up a 19-year-old intern in a Colonie motel room and then sexually assaulting her. (She later recanted; funny how that happens.) In July 2004, another woman came forward with accusations that Mr. Powell sexually assaulted her in at the Trump International Hotel and Tower. No arrests were made there and, with any luck, the lady found in Powell’s back seat won’t remember a thing about last night!

In other political drunk driving news, State Senator John Sabini of Queens pleaded guilty last month to “Driving While Ability Impaired.” He was arrested behind the wheel in Albany last September; after paying a fine of $300, attending educational classes and apologizing, he is free to drive again.