The State Assembly is voting on the same-sex marriage bill today. The Assembly passed the bill 85-61 in 2007, and it's expected today's vote will have an even bigger showing of support. The NY Times reports that Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell (D-Manhattan), who is also the older brother of Rosie O'Donnell, "helped gather nearly 90 votes in the 150-member Assembly" and "is also using the Assembly vote as a way to pressure members of the Senate, where the legislation’s fate will be decided, and demonstrate to wary senators that there is support in their districts for the bill." He explains, "If you want to run for attorney general or for governor or lieutenant governor or senator or congressperson, and you’re not in favor of my equality, then I’m not interesting in helping you. And I’ve made that clear." O'Donnell is throwing an engagement party for himself and partner John Banta after the vote; he did tell colleague Greg Ball (D-Patterson) that he was "the best looking guy in the Assembly" and that Ball wouldn't be invited if he voted no. Of course, the passage of same-sex marriage in NY State hinges on the State Senate.