Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is considered one of the most powerful men in New York State, but even he doesn't have power over the conditions of the streets he bikes on. Capital New York's Azi Paybarah reports, "Half of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's face is bruised and purple, and there are stitches over his left eyebrow and a scab across his nose and the back of one of his hands. Silver sustained the injuries while riding a bicycle when he hit a pothole and fell, according to a spokesman for the lower Manhattan Democrat."

Spokesman Michael Whyland said, "The speaker said to me he feels a lot better than he looks," and that Silver is conducting his regular duties. We've called Silver's office to find out where exactly this dastardly pothole is located (we suspect it's within the five boroughs, but perhaps Silver was biking in Albany!) and whether he called 311 to complain, but this much we know: It's super-convenient that Silver is a lawyer at personal injury law firm Weitz & Luxenberg—we're sure they can get a good settlement from the Department of Transportation. Of course, we're left with this riddle: If NYC had congestion pricing, would potholes be filled faster?