WikiLeaker-in-chief Julian Assange went on GMA this morning to say that the rape charges against him were a set-up (“There are intercepted SMS messages between the women and each other and their friends that I am told represents a set-up. Now those SMS messages, the Swedish prosecutor has refused to release,” he said) and to reiterate that he didn't have any contact with Bradley Manning, who is said to have stolen data for the site. But that isn't the only Assange-related news to hit the transom today: "Dickileaks" condoms, anyone? Only $8.37 for a 12-pack!

Meanwhile, here's a slideshow of the mansion Assange is staying in while he is under house arrest (along with other famous folk's gilded cages).

And, as if his leaked OKCupid profile wasn't enough, Gawker has gone and dug up some of the international man of mystery's love letters to a 19-year-old co-ed.