The 20-year-old who is accused of brutally beating up an 81-year-old grandfather last week confessed to cops that he did it—all for the old man's gold chain. Cameron "BillyBam" Roebuck gave the police a nonchalant rundown of his crime just after he was arrested: "I was following [the victim for a few blocks]. I saw the gold chain on his neck. I followed him to the building. I remember choking him and I took his chain and wallet," he said, according to police records (which seem to suggest he's the Hemingway of hoodlums).

Roebuck, who was allegedly caught on camera assaulting octogenarian Jose Rodriguez last Thursday, has been charged with robbery, assault and grand larceny—he stole Rodriguez's gold cross necklace and wallet, which only had $30 and credit cards.

As we learned yesterday, Roebuck has been arrested six times since 2008 on charges ranging from assault to burglary—and he's also an dedicated fan of Zygna's Cafe World on Facebook. According to cops, in the hours before he was arrested, "he seemed more concerned with his Cafe World obligations of filling pastry panels and cooking pot roast than getting arrested." His Facebook page is still up incase anyone wants to join him for a free taste testing at Cameron's Cafe!