A Brooklyn woman is suing Spa Castle after a hot tub at the company's Manhattan location gave her and a friend first and second-degree burns.

The Post reports that Laeticia Harrison-Roberts—who is also an aspiring rapper with the MC name Misfit Dior—filed her lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court last week, alleging that Spa Castle "failed to make sure the temperature and chemicals at its East 57th Street location were at safe levels." Gothamist has reached out to Harrison-Roberts for additional comment on her injuries.

The new lawsuit is the latest in a long chronicle of legal trouble for Spa Castle. In addition to the rampant underwater sex allegations against its Queens location, a dead man was discovered floating face down in one of the spa's hot tubs in 2014. The same location also came under fire when a transgender customer was allegedly barred from using on-site locker rooms and all-nude areas in February. Later that month, a 6-year-old girl nearly drowned when her hair was caught in a Spa Castle pool vent.

Update: Spa Castle has provided Gothamist with a statement regarding Harrison-Roberts allegations:

“We are very confident our legal team will prove that this is an utterly frivolous lawsuit containing allegations that are not supported with one shred of evidence. We’re committed to the safety of our valued guests and adhere to all safety and regulatory standards, including the emergency system we have in place specifically designed to prevent our pools from overheating and an automatic feeder system that pumps the appropriate level of chemicals into the pools. We intend to defend ourselves vigorously against these claims.”—Spa Castle