The ASPCA says it used Facebook to find a man accused of breaking a Yorkshire terrier's leg. Yesterday, the Post reported that Donnell Walters, 22, "was busted yesterday for allegedly taking the tiny Yorkshire terrier he'd given his boyfriend as an engagement gift and smashing her down until he'd shattered her leg." Wlaters and Omar Koonce, 20, had been arguing outside their Queens home in July when, allegedly took four-year-old pup Lucy "by the neck and started slamming her against the stairwell three times and dropped her to the ground." The ASPCA couldn't find Walters at first, but then tracked him through Facebook (apparently Friday was his birthday)—and arrested him at his workplace on charges of felony animal cruelty and criminal mischief. As for Lucy, she has recovered—her leg needed "pins, plates and a splint to repair." Here's the ASPCA's Facebook page.