Earlier today we talked a little bit about Staten Island teacher Francesco Portelos, who says he has been spending his days in a DOE rubber room alone since April—and now he is live streaming video to prove it. Maybe you want to ask him a few questions about his $75,000 salary? Want to know what it is like in rubber limbo? Well, he'll be in the comments here for a bit starting at 1 p.m. So get your questions ready!

For a recap of of Portelos' side of the story his website is a pretty good place to go (here is he gives you the short and long version). Now, let's get some questions.

But before you start asking questions: PLEASE, guys, let us try and show our guest a little civility. We love you, but you know who you are. Leave the regular rants on the first post on this topic, okay? Don't make us pull out the blacklist.