2006_06_alllooksame.jpgFederal, city, and local NJ authorities are facing a big "d'oh!" on their faces after mistakenly putting a Chinese-American woman in Rikers for 8 days last year. Because now the woman, Hui Ping Wang, who was arrested at JFK Airport when she was returning from a trip to China, is suing many law enforcement agencies, incuding the Department of Immigration, the city's Department of Correction, and Bergen County NJ's sheriff's office. Why all the fuss? The Daily News explains:

Hui Ping Wang, 33, was locked up at Rikers Island on Aug. 10, 2005, after a computer check indicated a warrant had been issued for a woman named Hui Hua Wang in Bergen County, N.J.

Hui Ping Wang and her husband, Jiang Hong, pointed out that the fugitive had a different middle name, a different address, date of birth and Social Security number, according to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Also, a photo attached to the warrant did not resemble Wang, the suit brought by Wang and Hong states.

But Wang was arrested anyway and held without bail at Rikers Island until she was extradited back to New Jersey eight days later and allowed to post bail.

So, if your full name, social security number, address, and photographer don't match, you can still be arrested! This is probably how spies manage to impersonate people - if you're the same gender, you'll probably get a bye. Apparently Hui Hua Wang was on the hotlist for a larceny charge, and the Hui Hua Wang's complainant confirmed that Hui Ping Wang "was not the accused." Wang's lawyer charges that the authorities never bothered to follow up on the fact that they had the wrong person.

And this is so out of All Look Same.