With the Super Bowl on its way to the New Meadowlands, the battle for naming rights for the newly-built stadium begins. And on the front line of that battle? AshleyMadison.com, the dating Web site that arranges adulterous affairs for married people, who made a $25 million offer to buy the naming rights for the Giants and Jets shared stadium. An adulterous website in the house that Tiki built??

"What better way, from my perspective, in getting your name out there than being on a prominent stadium -- it's going to host the Super Bowl," said AshleyMadison CEO Noel Biderman. While the company can make the bid on the naming rights, AshleyMadison commercials have been banned from being shown during the Super Bowl due to the "commandment-breaking nature of the site," as the Post so chastely puts it. And in case you were worried this was just some sort of PR stunt, Birderman can get real with you: "I'm 100 percent serious about this."

In 2008, German insurance company Allianz was interested in buying naming rights to the new Meadowlands; the Giants and Jets dropped the talks because of Allianz's World War II history.