We sort of called it—after Ashley Dupre, best known as former Governor Spitzer's high-class escort, dished advice to Tiger Woods' wife, we thought she should consider a career as marriage counselor. Instead, she's found something way more fun for the NY Post—an assignment as their new sex columnist!

Yes, Dupre has put on a (sexy) suit and a pair of glasses is posed to take sex, love and relationship questions in her "Ask Ashley" column. (is this the amazing something she was hoping for?) One question is "Are there telltale signs a man isn't happy in his marriage?"—Dupre suggests, "Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something to make your husband feel loved, special and appreciated... and if you can't remember, then that's your sign right there"—and another wonders, "How do I know if my daughter may be getting into trouble?" And here's a timeless one:

My boyfriend wants to know how many men I've slept with. Do I give an honest answer? --Anonymous, NYC

You don't give him an answer at all. It's really none of his business (and vice versa).

It's like you asking him how many lap dances he's gotten in his life. You know you've each slept with people in the past. It's part of being an adult and has nothing to do with your relationship now and your possible future together.

Some things are better left unsaid.

After the jump is video of Dupre herself discussing her new column. What would you want to ask her?